Southern Flinders Precinct

Project and Partner News

  • Tender awarded for construction of Gorges Walks Trail Network

    Southern Australian company TrailScapes will deliver the detailed design and construction of a new network of walking trails in the Southern Flinders Ranges.

    The Gorges Walks trail network will create a new, iconic, multi-day hiking experience in the Southern Flinders Ranges, taking hikers through the region's gorges and up on to vantage points which offer spectacular views across the Spencer Gulf.

    It includes plans for up to 4 day/3 night hike and day walking opportunities, with the detailed design continuing. New campsites will also be built along the trails.

    The construction will be based on a concept completed for the trail network by Tredwell Management an Adelaide-based sport, recreation and open space specialist. An overview of the concept for the trail can be downloaded below.

    TrailScapes will now finalise the detailed design based on this concept, ahead of construction commencing in the second half of 2022.