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Reimagine KI

This online engagement hub is a central point where we’ll share updates about the multiple projects planned and underway and how you can get involved in helping to plan for the future of our Kangaroo Island Parks.

Our projects fit into three key categories:

REIMAGINE: Across the iconic sites of our western Kangaroo Island parks and Seal Bay, we now have an opportunity, borne from the adversity of the 2019/20 bushfires, to reimagine what a world-class and authentic Kangaroo Island parks visitor experience could look like across these sites in the future.
REBUILD: In bushfire impacted areas we’re replacing urgently needed infrastructure and facilities so we can welcome visitors back to our parks.
RENEW: In some places, particularly in our eastern end parks, we’re looking to enhance what we’re offering to support local communities and our vital tourism industry.

A new management plan for Kangaroo Island parks: Building a shared vision

A new plan is needed to better support community aspirations, wildlife and ecological recovery, the reimagining of tourism experiences and future fire management needs. This management plan will establish a vision and consolidate management strategies for the wilderness protection areas, and will also include the national parks and conservation parks located in the west of Kangaroo Island – many of which are now recovering from bushfire. Find out more.


As well as sharing updates and information, we’ll be using this online hub to seek your feedback on and inputs to some of these projects, with engagement tailored to project scale, complexity and level of change.

Projects Underway