Antechamber Bay

Project Overview

A favourite for beach lovers, Lashmar Conservation Park adjoins the long sandy beach at Antechamber Bay. The park is an ideal location for swimming, fishing and bird watching and is just a short drive from Cape Willoughby lighstation.

As part of activating nature-based tourism in Kangaroo Island Parks, the Department for Environment and Water commissioned concept designs to be developed for upgrades to the campground, day visitor facilities and pedestrian bridge for Antechamber Bay in Lashmar Conservation Park.

Construction Update

A new double toilet block has recently been constructed at Antechamber Bay, south east of the Chapman River to improve facilities for campsites and day visitors to the area. Further upgrades to the campground and day visitor facilities will be completed by mid-2021.

Construction of the suspension bridge linking the north and south sides of the campground was completed on 25th February 2021. The 55-metre long, 1.5-metre wide, custom-built bridge was designed toenable pedestrians to easily access both sides of the Chapman River ensuring ongoing enjoyment of the site’s beautiful bushland and spectacular sea views.

The design of the bridge was carefully selected in consultation with community members to ensure it fit well into the surrounding site, spanning the tidal river and allowed access for kayaks underneath.